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How long do the batteries of the LAMAX Tracking device last and can this be optimized?

Battery life depends on how often the location data is sent (this can be set at intervals of 1-60 minutes), the GPS and GMS signal strength and the length and number of calls. For optimal longevity, we recommend setting a 3-minute interval in the mobile app (LAMAX Tracking).

Location transmission interval LAMAX WatchY2 battery life LAMAX GPS Locator battery life
3 minutes Up to 36 hours Up to 100 hours
60 minutes Up to 120 hours Up to 240 hours

It is also possible to request location at any time using the Live Tracking feature, which will send the location data at 20-second intervals for 3 minutes. When it is finished, the interval automatically reverts back to the previous setting. This feature is power consuming.

How to take care of the battery?

Fully charge the battery before using it for the first time. It is not good for the battery if it discharges completely. However it does not adversely affect the battery to charge it in short cycles (if you have to interrupt the process before the battery is fully charged).

Where is the child’s location data stored?

Nothing matters to us more than the safety of your child, pet or possessions. That is why we decided to run the service on local servers directly at our European headquarters. Thanks to this, we can ensure the maximum possible level of security over this sensitive data.

Can LAMAX Tracking be used immediately after purchase?

Yes. With the LAMAX WatchY2 device, it is necessary to insert a prepaid MicroSIM card and with the LAMAX GPS Locator device, a prepaid NanoSIM card, which you will find in the box. Then all you have to do is add the device in the LAMAX Tracking application.

What are the monthly operating costs of the watch?

It depends on the operator. Some offer an associated SIM card, in addition to an existing tariff. With some operators, this is free or a fraction of the price of standard tariffs. With a suitable operator, the watch can be operated from as little as nothing per month. The average data consumption of the LAMAX WatchY2 is 50 MB per month (1-minute interval for sending location data and 10 messages per day) and the LAMAX GPS Locator is even less.

Are LAMAX Tracking devices safe to wear?

Yes, LAMAX Tracking devices are designed to be worn, and therefore made of completely harmless materials. You do not have to worry about the presence of harmful substances as with other manufacturers, who often use softened plastics for production which contain phthalates dangerous to your health.

How to make calls on the watch correctly?

For best results, the watch should be held within 20 cm of the child's mouth.

SOS emergency button

In the event of an emergency, simply hold down the SOS button for three seconds to establish a connection to your SOS contact.

The LAMAX WatchY2 can have 3 numbers set as contacts for the SOS function. These contacts are set in the LAMAX Tracking application. If the first number in the list is unavailable, the watch will automatically dial the second. If the second number is also unavailable, it dials the third.

How are LAMAX Tracking devices turned off?

If a functional SIM card is inserted in the device, you can switch off the device using the "Remote shutdown" function in the LAMAX Tracking mobile app. Otherwise, the device can be switched off by pressing and holding down the button on the side of the watch.

How to set monitored areas?

On the home screen of the LAMAX Tracking application, click on "MENU → Monitored areas". You will see a screen with the "Create monitored area" button, if you have not already created one. If you have already created an area, a list of areas and a button for adding a new area will be displayed in the upper right corner. Find the area you want to monitor on the map, select its size and name it. Finally don't forget to save everything on the bottom right using the "Save" button.

How accurate is the positioning of the LAMAX Tracking device?

If the GPS signal is sufficient, its accuracy is 5-30 metres. Where the GPS signal is weak, or non-existent, the location is determined using the GSM (LBS) network, which is accurate to within 1000 metres or the Wi-Fi network, which is accurate to within 300 metres.

GPS positioning

The GPS system is based on satellite technology. The integrated module targets the object using a satellite. The GPS module in the LAMAX device connects to several satellites at once, sometimes more than ten, so as to best determine its position.

GPS has an accuracy of 5-30 m.

Before being fully-functional, a GPS device must first find its approximate location in order to know which satellites to search for. Unassisted GPS therefore takes an average of 1-3 minutes (maximum 12.5 minutes) to first determine its position using satellites. In this case, our integrated AGPS positioning will prove invaluable.

AGPS positioning

A-GPS- Assisted GPS, reduces the time required to find an approximate location in the GPS system.

In the case of A-GPS, satellite data and approximate device locations are downloaded from a server on the Internet, drastically reducing the time required to find its initial position.

Using this method, GPS positioning in LAMAX devices is fully-functional in less than a minute and we are able to find the location of the device in a much shorter time than devices without A-GPS.

What if my GPS position is not found or the signal is too weak?

GPS positioning is very accurate, however, it needs open space to function properly.

Under conditions where signal propagation is difficult (e.g. in rooms, under ground garages, tunnels, subways, near tall buildings, in places around radio transmitters, etc.) the device may be less accurate and in extreme cases the GPS signal may drop out completely.

In such a situation, LAMAX Tracking devices are also aided by the signal from the LBS network, i.e. the transmitters of mobile operators or the surrounding Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi positioning

This positioning method determines the location of your device by scanning the surrounding networks and the signal strength of each transmitter. This data is then used to calculate the approximate position.

It is usually stated that the accuracy of Wi-Fi positioning is in the range of 50-300 m in urban areas.

If the position cannot be determined via Wi-Fi, it connects to the LBS system.

LBS positioning

Using transmitters of mobile operators, a special algorithm determines the area where the child is located. The advantage of this is that you’ll always know what area your child is in.

However, this method of positioning is inaccurate and allows for only an approximate location to be determined. This is especially true on the outskirts of cities or in sparsely populated areas, where there is a lower density of BTS stations (mobile signal transmitters).

It is usually stated that the accuracy of LBS positioning is in the range of 50-1000 m in urban areas.

Positioning using Wi-Fi / LBS shows me at a different location than home

If you move in areas that have no GPS signal and the watch is using LBS or Wi-Fi positioning, the location may be inaccurate. To display the location using only GPS, we recommend disabling Wi-Fi and LBS location in the application (Menu -> Device settings -> About device). The device will then display on the map only the data obtained using GPS (if GPS data is not available, the last position obtained will be displayed).

Location is highly inaccurate or location can not found for a long period of time

If the location of your device is not found for a long period of time or is inaccurate even when locating using GPS (GPS icon is displayed on the LAMAX Tracking device), please check whether there is enough free data or credit on the SIM card in your LAMAX Tracking device. When data runs out, most operators will significantly slow down or turn off data transmission, and as a result the location data may be very inaccurate or non-existent. LAMAX Tracking devices require access to the Internet for proper positioning.

Is there any fee for the data stored in the user account?

No. All accounts on the product servers, including the LAMAX Tracking application, are completely free.

Can I manage multiple LAMAX Tracking devices under one account?

Yes, you can operate up to 20 watches or other LAMAX Tracking devices under one account.

Can multiple devices be monitored by multiple users at once?

It is possible for several people to monitor several devices.

Parents have 2 children and a dog and therefore have 2x LAMAX WatchY2 and 1x LAMAX GPS Locator. For both parents to have access, you only need to create one account in the LAMAX Tracking application. All devices will be registered under this account using the ID numbers of individual devices. Both parents can then log in to the LAMAX Tracking app under the same account, giving both access to the same data.

Can I send my child to school wearing the watch? (LAMAX WatchY2 only)

Yes, just make sure the watch is set up correctly. During lesson times, you can set it to "Do not disturb" mode in the LAMAX Tracking application (Menu -> Device settings -> Do not disturb mode "from-to"). In this mode the child cannot play with the watch (scroll through menus, etc.), no one can call the watch and it can't make unwanted sounds which might disturb the lessons. The only thing that remains functional is the SOS function.

So if you set "Do not disturb" mode correctly, there is no reason why a child can’t wear the watch in school or kindergarten. And if the teacher has a problem with it, just explain this feature to them.

How does the Friends feature work? (LAMAX WatchY2 only)

Place two LAMAX WatchY2s next to each other, hold your finger on the "Friends" icon for at least 3 seconds and the LAMAX WatchY2 will exchange contact details and can then call each other.

This function only works between LAMAX Watchy2 devices and only two devices can be connected in this way. Pairing can only be done successfully in the open air.

What SIM card to use and what tariff to choose

The correct SIM card for the LAMAX WatchY2 is: MicroSIM with dimensions 15.0 × 12.0 × 0.76 mm and for the LAMAX GPS Locator: NanoSIM with dimensions 8.8 x 12.3 x 0.76 mm.

You only need to insert a SIM card into the watch.

You can use any prepaid card for the LAMAX Tracking device or mobile tariff, which include at least 30 MB of data per month. Free or paid minutes are entirely at your own discretion.

Why must the SIM card have a data package?

LAMAX Tracking devices use mobile data transmission technology (communication with the server) to send information about the GPS position of your child, pet or monitored items, use voice messages (LAMAX WatchY2 only) and change the settings of the LAMAX Tracking device in the LAMAX Tracking application. If you insert a SIM card without an Internet connection, you will only be able to make calls with the LAMAX Tracking device.

What type of network must the SIM card support, LTE, 3G or GPRS (2G)?

It must support GPRS (2G). This is because sending location data, voice messages or adjusting the device settings from the application do not require large amounts of data plus, it provides the best possible battery life and widest coverage. The LTE and 3G signals are not available in all places but wherever you can make a call, a GPRS (2G) internet connection is also available.

Do LAMAX Tracking devices also work abroad?

Yes, it only depends on your tariff and your SIM card settings. It is necessary to have roaming activated with your operator.

LAMAX Tracking devices do not work abroad for me, what should I do?

First, check that all numbers have been entered with the international prefix in the LAMAX Tracking application, or contact your mobile operator to find out if you have activated roaming and verify that all the criteria for using the SIM card abroad are met.

How do I turn on the Pedometer feature? (WatchY2 only)

The pedometer must be turned on/enabled in the LAMAX Tracking application in this way (Menu → Fitness → "Gear" Pedometer settings). The measurement interval must be set first. This is the time range during which the pedometer will be turned on. Furthermore, for the correct measurement of steps, it is necessary to fill in the length of the step, and for measuring calories, the weight of the user of the LAMAX Tracking device.

The measurement of the built-in pedometer cannot be compared with professional meters, so only use this data as a guide. Turning on the pedometer increases battery consumption.

The LAMAX WatchY2 and the LAMAX GPS Locator are not professional security tracking devices. Position and movement history data depends on the availability of GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM (LBS) signals, which are not provided by the manufacturer and cannot be guaranteed. The safety features of the phone are used purely for an indicative overview of the recorded position and the recorded history of movement. Due to the above, the manufacturer does not provide a guarantee or otherwise does not guarantee or is not responsible for the current availability of the location and the complete history of movement of the LAMAX WatchY2 and the LAMAX GPS Locator.