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Capture every moment

Imagine transforming everyday adventures into incredible memories - that's what the LAMAX InstaKid1 camera is all about! This little gadget turns you into the star of the show, the ultimate party photographer. The magic is in its simplicity: no need for ink or toner, just load a roll of thermal paper, and you're all set to print photos on the spot! With a large colour screen to frame your perfect shot, you can see the magic as it unfolds. Fancy a touch of sparkle? Bring your photos to life with an array of built-in filters, effects, and frames. Experiment with these on your next selfie - the handy mirror at the front is perfect for that! And when the sun goes down, don't worry - the built-in flash ensures you get awesome photos even in low light. But that's not all! This camera is more than a photo clicker. Save your picture-perfect memories or cool videos on a microSD card. Waiting for the right moment to click? The four fun games will keep you entertained! Plus, featuring a multilingual menu, this camera comes in two vibrant colours - pink and blue.

  • Instant printing
  • Thermal paper printing
  • Large colour display
  • Filters, effects and frames
  • Photos without printing
  • Video