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How to take care of your kick scooter?


Regular maintenance and care of your scooter is just as important as bike maintenance. We recommend a quick and simple check before each ride. Above all, check the fastening of all parts, especially the bolts.

Do you want your scooter to last? Follow these basic guidelines:

  • Charge regularly, after each ride
  • Never let the battery completely discharge!
  • Do not drive in the wet or rain
  • If it accidentally comes in contact with water, don’t charge it for at least 24 hours and dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth
  • Avoid riding onto curbs and uneven surfaces
  • Don’t expose the battery to frost or direct sunlight
  • Tighten the bolts once a month
  • Do a major inspection and service every 1000 km / 6 months


Before each ride, we recommend checking the tyres are properly inflated and that the bolts are tight. The right tyre pressure will help you reach maximum speed and range. Low tyre pressure can damage the tyres.


Brakes are crucially important in terms of safety. Whether they are electric or disc brakes, you always need to check they function properly before taking the scooter out. Make sure the cable is not damaged in any way and all components are sufficiently tightened.


Keep the scooter clean so take time to clean it at least once a week. Use only a dry or damp cloth to remove dirt and after cleaning, allow the scooter to dry thoroughly. Never wash the scooter under running water!


The battery is the most important part of the scooter. Electric scooters are equipped with lithium-ion cells. Unlike lead batteries, these batteries are able to provide better performance, a longer life and are lightweight. However, these batteries also have a life cycle. To maximize their life, it is important to take care of the batteries and charge the battery to 100% every few days or after each ride.

  • It is optimal to keep the battery 30-80% charged.
  • By selecting eco mode you will reach the maximum range with a minimum battery load.

Important information on operating the battery:

  • Only use the original charger approved by the manufacturer
  • Before your initial ride (or after a long break), fully charge the battery (charge first, then ride)
  • After riding we recommend recharging the battery again and not leaving it discharged (ride and recharge)
  • Before the end of the season it is necessary to fully recharge the battery (fully recharge and then end the season)
  • Even when the scooter is not in use for a prolonged period, it is recommended to discharge and recharge the battery at least once a month to keep it in good condition.
  • Do not leave the scooter connected to the charger longer than necessary for full charging.
  • Not properly maintaining the battery can lead to it getting damaged and loss of warranty (when I want to ride, I have to take good care of the battery)