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E-Scooter S11600

Will it take you even further

It's a long walk and you don't want to get public transport? Jump on an electric scooter and cruise down the street at up to 25 km/h. With a range of 40 kilometres, you won't have to limit yourself to your neighbourhood. The powerful 350W motor pulls you uphill and the tubeless 10˝ tires easily run over cobblestones and other unevenness. In the twilight and in the dark, you’ll be lit up thanks to the bright headlight and side LED strips, and you can rely on the disc brake to safely stop you in front of any obstacle.

  • 40 km range thanks to Smart Power Management
  • Powerful 350 W motor can also handle climbs
  • Maximum 25 km/h
  • 10˝ puncture-proof wheels and suspension
  • 11,600 mAh regenerative battery
  • Disc brake
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