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Mindent, amit az elektromos rollerekről tudni kell

Around the world scooters are experiencing a revival but this time they are back with an upgrade - an electric motor. Children and adults alike are succumbing to "scootermania" and it’s no wonder. An e-scooter is one of the fastest and cheapest means of transport around town. Are you considering getting one? What are the rules for riding a scooter and how to choose the right one? We’ve got it covered. We have everything you need to know in one place.

Why choose an e-scooter?

Around town in minutes

Around town in minutes

Going to work, to school, to a meeting, or to see friends? Just kick off and go! The scooter will take care of the rest for you. Avoid traffic by taking a shortcut through the park and you’ll get anywhere in just a few minutes.

Saves our environment

Saves our environment

E-scooters are kind to our planet. They do not produce any fumes, CO2 emissions and are eco-friendly. No need for any emissions tests.

Low operating costs

Low operating costs

Electricity is significantly cheaper than combustible fuels and over the long term, the price for it has been increasing much slower than petrol or diesel. An e-scooter is an investment that is guaranteed to pay off over time.

Does not need much care

Does not need much care

No oils, filters, or other operating fluids. In addition, the electric motor has much fewer components than the combustion engine, i.e. a significantly lower failure rate. All you have to do is treat it to a service twice a year, just like a bicycle.

No more parking problems

No more parking problems

Is this the right parking zone? It doesn’t matter. All you have to do is attach the scooter with a lock just like a bicycle, or simply fold it down and take it with you anywhere you go. You’ll save time not having to look for a parking spot and money on parking fees.

Power is everywhere

Power is everywhere

At home, at work, at school or with friends in a café. Where there is a socket, there is also power to charge an e-scooter. You won't need to search for any specialized socket, just charge the scooter through the same socket as your smartphone.

No compulsory liability insurance

No compulsory liability insurance

If you own a motor vehicle, you know that each year you have to pay out a lot of money for compulsory liability insurance. This does not apply to electric scooters and the money you save can be used on something you enjoy.

A scooter is pure fun

A scooter is pure fun

Riding an e-scooter is the kind of fun you never get bored with. You can ride around the city or in the park and on hot summer days, you’ll appreciate the refreshing breeze in your hair.

Měl bych si elektro koloběžku pořídit?

Should I buy an e-scooter?

Are you still on the fence as to whether an e-scooter is right for you? Just answer these 4 questions. If you say YES to all four, then an e-scooter is guaranteed not to become just another clothes hanger.

  • Is a range of 20 km enough for me? * Is a range of 20 km enough for me? *
  • Is there a socket at my destination? Is there a socket at my destination?
  • Can I make do with a bag or a backpack? Can I make do with a bag or a backpack?
  • Are my routes mainly on paved areas? Are my routes mainly on paved areas?

* The scooter can also serve as a means to get to public transport.

How to choose the right e-scooter

So, you have made you’re mind up and an e-scooter is a must-have. You’ve glanced at a couple of e-shops and compared a few ... so now what? There are so many different parameters, types and brands that it’s difficult to know where to start. Don't worry, we are here to help. Here are a few key points to look for when choosing a scooter. Firstly, it's important to work out when and where you want to use the scooter.


Around town

For riding around town, smaller wheels are enough and make the scooter more agile, faster to react and easier to control. We recommend a medium power (200-350W). Unnecessarily aggressive riding can be dangerous in the city and a higher power means a larger battery and a heavier scooter = worse portability, for example when transporting on public transport.


Trips in the countryside

If you want to ride the scooter on the hills in the countryside, you should aim for more power (min. 350W) which is suitable for more demanding terrain. Higher performance also goes hand in hand with a more powerful battery. For faster and more comfortable riding, choose larger wheels. Higher power is recommended for those more experienced e- scooter riders.


Just for fun

If the scooter is purely for a bit of fun, you don't need to be so demanding when making a choice and you can go for a cheaper variant. For children, we recommend choosing scooters with a smaller battery, i.e. lighter. This will make their scooter easier to control and carry. As well as this, as a child is significantly lighter, even with a weaker battery, it will go far.

power 200-350 W

1. Motor power

In the world of e-scooters, more power is not necessarily better. Whilst it’s true that more power means a faster scooter that can handle steep slopes easier, it will need a more powerful battery, making it heavier and less portable. That's why it's important to work out what you want to use the e-scooter for. It is best to aim between 200 and 350W. Such a power is easily enough for a quick ride around town. Power over 350W is already within moped territory.

speed 25 km/h

2. Maximum speed

Scooters commonly have a maximum of around 25 km/h. This speed is usually the maximum allowed on a e-scooter (depending on the legislation of a particular country). This is fast enough for a quick journey and can be handled by a novice whilst not consuming too much battery power. 25 km/h will easily suffice for shorter trips. For children under 10, choose a scooter which you can limit the speed off and above all, don't forget to equip them with a proper helmet and pads.

range 15-35 km

3. Maximum range

The range is, of course, dependent on where you want to ride the scooter and whether it will serve as your primary means of transport (e.g. to work or school.). The maximum range for scooters is generally in the range of 15-35 km. So how can you save battery power and maximize your range?

  • Be lighter on the "gas" and don't ride aggressively
  • Avoid hills and stay mostly on flat land
  • Don't carry heavy things with you - the lighter you are, the further you’ll get
  • Don't ride in strong winds and in the wet after rain
  • Make sure the tyres are inflated enough
  • Don't be afraid to help the scooter along with your feet
  • Use the more economical ECO mode, if the scooter has one
wheels 5-10"

4. Wheel size and materials

The type of wheel affects both speed and comfort when riding an e-scooter. Wheels can be broadly divided into two categories, according to the type of tyre:

Solid (airless) tyres

These are tyres made of polyurethane. You can find such ones, for example, on inline or roller skates. They don’t need to be inflated and you will definitely never get a flat. However, when making your choice, you really need to pay close attention to quality, otherwise the wheels could be too hard, leaving you to feel every small bump when riding.

Pneumatic (air-filled) tyres

These wheels are more comfortable to ride on and can easily get over smaller obstacles. On the other hand, the wheels will need to be inflated and there is the risk of them getting punctured. When using such wheels, you’ll only need to replace the tyre or inner-tube.

Big or small? Larger wheels (7"- 10") guarantee you a more comfortable and stable ride, however, this makes scooter larger and heavier. For novices and children, we recommend wheels with a size of 5 - 6.5".

Are you looking to strike the best balance? Try an e-scooter from LAMAX.

E-Scooter S11600

Még messzebbre visz

Gyalog messze van, és nem szeretnél tömegközlekedni? Ugorj fel az elektromos rollerre, és száguldj végig az utcán akár 25 km/h sebességgel. A 40 kilométeres hatótávval nem kell csak a közvetlen környezetre korlátoznod az útjaidat. Az erőteljes 350W motor felhúz a dombtetőre, a belső nélküli 10˝ gumiabroncsok pedig a hátsó felfüggesztéssel eggyüttes erővel könnyedén kivasalják a macskaköveket és az útfelület egyéb szabálytalanságait. Szürkületben és sötétben az intenzív fénynek és az oldalsó LED-csíkoknak köszönhetően világítani fogsz, és minden akadály előtt megállít a megbízható tárcsafék.

  • A Smart Power Managementnek köszönhetően 40 km-es hatótáv
  • Az erős, 350 W-os motor az emelkedőkkel is megbirkózik.
  • Legfeljebb 25 km/h
  • 10˝ kiszúrhatatlan kerekek és rugózás
  • 11 600 mAh-os akku energia-visszatáplálással
  • Tárcsafék

E-scooter S7500 Plus

Légy mindenhol hamarabb

Bárhova is lenne hosszú a séta, az E-Scooter S7500 Plus elektromos rollerrel percek alatt odaérsz. Élvezd a várost más szemszögből. Dugók nélkül, ember ember hátán tömegközlekedés nélkül, akár 25 km / h sebességgel. Messzebb utazol? Egy szempillantás alatt csukd össze a rollert, és ugorj fel vele a buszra. A 8,5″ belső nélküli gumik soha nem lesznek defektesek, és minden egyenetlenséggel megbirkóznak. Az erős tárcsafékek és a LED lámpák gondoskodnak az utcán a biztonságodról.

  • A Smart Power Managementnek köszönhetően 25 km-es hatótáv
  • Az erős, 350 W-os motor az emelkedőkkel is megbirkózik
  • Legfeljebb 25 km/h
  • 8,5″ kiszúrhatatlan kerekek
  • 7 500 mAh-es akku energia-visszatáplálással
  • Tárcsafék
Elektromos roller - video

E-scooter safety

Even e-scooters have to abide by the rules of the road. Whenever you go on a road with a scooter, you must follow the rules set out by law. Usually the rules and signs that apply to bicycles also apply to e-scooters.

E-scooter legislation may be different in your home country. Before you take a trip, refer to the laws of the country you are riding in.


Do not drink and ride 🍷🚫

An e-scooter is a road vehicle in the same way as a bike or a car and as such, there is zero tolerance to alcohol consumption.

Under 18s require a helmet ❗⛑

The same rules apply as on a bicycle - under the age of 18 it is mandatory to wear a firmly attached helmet on any ride. However, we recommend that adults also wear a helmet. You never know what's going to happen.

Max. 30 km/h ️on a cycle path 🚴

Most scooters have a maximum speed of 25 km/h. But if you have a faster one, do not forget that in the zones intended for cyclists, the speed limit is 30 km/h.

Use hand signals 👋

An e-scooter rider must give a hand signal to other drivers before changing direction. An e-scooter does not have an indicator, so just like on a bike, you need to stick your hand out.

Do not ride on the pavement 🚳

Use roads, bike paths or cycle lanes. On a pavement where bicycles are allowed, you must not endanger or restrict any pedestrians when riding.

Children under 10 must be supervised 👩👦

Children under 10 years of age not under supervision of persons older than 15, can travel only on cycle paths, in residential areas and paths reserved for cyclists and pedestrians.

Be seen at twilight 🔦

Reflectors are a must-have for every e-scooter. Under reduced visibility, it is necessary to use a glare-free headlight and a red taillight, continuous or flashing.


All rules of the road apply to an e-scooter. So, respect all signs, traffic lights and when necessary give way to traffic from the right. Even if you are not a car driver, you must know these basic rules on a e-scooter.


No entry for bicycles and scooters

Scooter riding is not allowed.


No entry for marked vehicles

The sign prohibits entry to specified types of vehicles, which may include bicycles and scooters.

Roads for motor vehicles and highways

Scooters MUST NOT ride on roads for motor vehicles and highways. Therefore, as soon as you see these signs, immediately turn yourself around.

Road for motor vehicles - scooters not allowed Highway - scooters not allowed

Lanes for cyclists and scooters

When driving on roads, follow vertical signs as well as horizontal ones for cyclists. Cycle lanes also apply to scooters.


1) Lane reserved for cyclists and scooters. The arrow indicates the direction of travel.

2) A pictogram corridor for cyclists and e-scooters determines the direction and space for riding. At the same time, it warns motor vehicle drivers of increased cyclist traffic.

3) The space in front of a traffic light intersection, reserved for cyclists and scooters, waiting for the "go" signal (on the green).

4) Road crossing for cyclists and scooters, adjacent to the pedestrian crossing. You can cross the transition on a scooter, but it does not mean that you have priority.

5) Combined pedestrian crossing and crossing for cyclists and scooters. Watch out for pedestrians.

1) bikelane
2) bikearrows
3) bikestand
4) crossingaside
5) crossingcombined

Scooter maintenance