Discontinued product
This product is no longer available. Look at the new LAMAX X7.1 Naos, which is even better.

A star among action cameras


The LAMAX X7 Mira represents a new generation of action cameras, excelling in high-quality video and providing a number of very useful features.
Whether placed on a selfie stick, a wing, handlebars or in a diver's hands 30 metres below the water's surface, this camera will take colour-balanced shots, in Full HD under all conditions. Professionals and beginners alike will appreciate the wide range of accessories, WiFi, the LCD display and intuitive controls that allow the camera to be used one hundred percent.

Key features

- integrated LCD display
- wide-angle of 170°
- a fully-functional car camera
- loop recording function

- file locking
- parking mode
- integrated WiFi
- wide range of accessories
- waterproof case up to 30m
- 2 batteries

In Sport Forever

Born to shoot anywhere

The X7 Mira has been designed with an emphasis on high-quality recording and durability. The careful selection of components has created a Full HD camera capable of shooting video with superb colour rendering at 1080p under all imaginable conditions. The extra wide-angle 170° lens ensures that all moments can be captured anywhere. The device's solid construction and waterproof case guarantee full functionality even when handled roughly, and due to its high-quality lens it captures highly-detailed shots regardless of whether you are shooting at 1080p or 720p. Shooting in HD at 60 fps generates breathtaking slow motion shots.


Setting up the camera and getting the ideal angle often requires considerable investment in an LCD display with rival cameras. With the X7 Mira there is a 1.5“ LCD display integrated directly into the body of the camera. Therefore at no additional cost and thanks to the LIVE VIEW function, adjusting the shot composition and viewing the subsequent recordings are a breeze.

Snowboarding and Skiing in Austria

Connect the camera to a mobile phone

Want to place the camera in an inaccessible spot? This is not a problem. With integrated WiFi connectivity and an Android or iOS smartphone app you can control the camera from anywhere and check the recording and sound directly from your smartphone.

Ready for an expedition into the wilderness

The X7 Mira pack not only includes a waterproof protective case, as its rivals do, but also a load of extra accessories (17 different mounts plus other accessories). Start filming your journey into the wilderness as soon as you get the camera in your hand. The wide selection of mounts mean you can choose the right angle and composition of video to look just the way you want it.

Ensure the right image orientation

The LAMAX ACTION X7 Mira features automatic image rotation. When the camera is rotated whilst filming the software flips the image to the correct horizontal position. The less time spent using editing programs, the more time you can spend shooting video.

Aviation fair 2015 recorded on

Action black box

Thanks to its carefully optimized functions, the X7 Mira can be used as a fully-functional car camera. Car cameras are used by more and more drivers each day, so why not record using this high-quality wide-angle camera.

Car mode

When activated, the camera can be used as a dash cam. Once connected to the power supply the camera automatically turns on and begins recording. Disconnecting the power stops the recording and turns the camera off.

Loop recording

This function ensures continuous recording without having to replace the micro SD card. When space runs out on the memory card, the oldest files will be overwritten by the new ones. This function can be manually turned on or off.

Parking Mode

Turn the camera into a security guard for your parked car. The X7 Mira automatically begins shooting when there is a collision or an attempted break-in.

Motion detection

The camera automatically begins recording the moment any motion is detected in the visual field of the lens. Recording automatically stops after the motion ceases.

Delay recording

This function affects when the recording stops after the power supply is disconnected. Recording stops 20 seconds after disconnecting the power. When disabled, recording stops as soon as the power is disconnected.

File lock

Each recorded file can be locked, protecting it against deletion in the camera gallery and ensuring it is not overwritten whilst loop recording.

Wide-angle webcam always to hand

The X7 Mira can be run in webcam mode. This provides you with a webcam with unprecedented image quality and wide range of mounting options. Surprise your friends with video calls in high definition in an incredible amount of detail.

Comparision of cameras LAMAX and GoPro

Indication LAMAX ACTION X7 Mira GoPro Hero GoPro Hero+ GoPro Hero+ LCD
Price 99 EUR 139,99 EUR 229,99 EUR 329,99 EUR
LCD Yes No No Yes
Waterproof case 30m 40 m * 40 m * 40 m **
Wifi Yes No Yes Yes
Angle of view 170° ultra wide, not specified ultra wide, not specified ultra wide, not specified
Video resolution 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps 1080p 60fps, 720p 60fps 1080p 60fps, 720p 60fps
Photo 12Mpx 5Mpx 8Mpx 8Mpx
Cyclic shooting Yes No No No
G-sensor Yes No No No
Multilingual Menu Yes No No No
Battery Replaceable, 2pcs Built-in * Built-in * Built-in *
Storage Micro SDHC up to 32GB Micro SDHC up to 32GB Micro SDHC up to 64GB Micro SDHC up to 64GB
Battery capacity 2 x 900 mAh 1 180 mAh 1 180 mAh 1 180 mAh
Dimensions without a case [mm] 58 x 41 x 29 - * - * - *
Dimensions with a case [mm] 75 x 72 x 36 72 x 70 x 39 72 x 70 x 39 72 x 70 x 40
Weight a battery incl. [g] 56 - * - * - *
Weight a waterproof case incl. [g] 118 111 123 127
Attached accessories Full HD action camera LAMAX ACTION X7 Mira
Waterproof case
Tube holder
Frame for use without a waterproof case
J mount
Fast plug-in
Quick clip mount
Self-adhesive holder straight
Self-adhesive holder rounded with a thread
3-axis connector (3 pcs)
Tripod adapter
Tripod reduction
Universal straps with Velcro
3M replacement pads (2pcs)
USB cable
Li-ion battery (2pcs)
Replacement flap
Folding ties
Steel cable
Microfibre cloth
User manual
Camera built into the case
Built-in battery
Back flap type Skeleton
Self-adhesive holder rounded
Self-adhesive holder straight
Quick release buckle
USB cable
Camera built into the case
Built-in battery
Back flap type Skeleton
Self-adhesive holder rounded
Self-adhesive holder straight
Quick release buckle
USB cable
Camera built into the case
Built-in battery
Back flap type Skeleton
Touch backdoor
Self-adhesive holder rounded
Self-adhesive holder straight
Quick release buckle
USB cable
* The camera is rigidly positioned in soft case and can not be removed.
** Only 3 m with Touch backdoor
Data and information are collected from the website of Czech importers, objective measurement and other publicly available sources to 14. 1. 2015

Durability in extreme conditions

The protective case significantly expands the camera's possibilities. Whether you love, for example, climbing, skiing, paragliding, downhill or windsurfing you can bring the X7 Mira along with you and take unique shots, even under dangerous conditions. The case also enables you to explore the sea world close up, to a depth of 30m. Show of your very own deep sea footage to your friends.

Lightweight and compact

Weighing just 56 grams and measuring a mere 58.1 x 40.8 x 22.4 mm, the camera provides maximum mobility and convenience of use. The X7 Mira can barely be felt on a helmet and is painless to hold.

Manual settings

Every professional knows that automatic setup is both convenient and quick but for the best results it is sometimes necessary to set the parameters manually. The X7 Mira allows you to adjust ISO, exposure, sharpness, white balance or colour filters.

Selecting photo mode

In addition to taking single photos, the X7 Mira also has a burst mode (pressing the shutter takes 3.5 and 10 photos) and a self-timer mode (after 3, 5 or 10 seconds).

Multilingual menu

With the X7 Mira we made sure to make the controls intuitive. This along with a complete multilingual menu make controlling the camera a breeze.

2 batteries

With your order your will receive 2 Li-ion batteries. This doubles the length of video you can shoot, meaning you can record up to 180 minutes of Full HD 1080p video without interruption.

X7 Mira action camera parameters

LCD 1.5 inch
Lens A +++ HD wide-angle lens with a range of 170°
Menu language Czech, English, German, French, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian
Video resolution options 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps, 1280 x 720 at 60 fps, 1280 x 720 at 30 fps
Video format MOV
Video codec H.264
Photo resolution options 4000 x 3000, 3648 x 2736, 3264 x 2448, 2816 x 2112
Photo modes single / burst (3, 5, 10 fps.) / self-timer (3, 5, 10)
Connectivity WiFi, micro USB 2.0, HDMI
Battery capacity 2 x 900 mAh
Battery life Full HD video at 1080p / about 2 x 90 minutes
Time for full charge 3 hours
Operating system compatibility Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / MacOS
Camera dimensions 58.1 x 40.8 x 22.4 mm
Weight incl. Battery 56 g
Weight incl. case 118 g

Pack contents

  • Full HD LAMAX ACTION X7 Mira action camera
  • Waterproof case
  • Pole mount
  • Frame for use without waterproof case
  • J mount
  • Fast plug-in
  • Quick clip mount
  • Self-adhesive mount, flat
  • Self-adhesive mount, flat with tripod screw
  • 3-axis connector (part 3)
  • Tripod adapter
  • Tripod screw adapter
  • Universal straps with hook and loop fastener
  • 3M replacement pads (2 pc)
  • USB cable
  • Li-ion battery (2 pc)
  • Replacement door
  • Cable ties
  • Wire rope sling
  • Microfibre cloth
  • User manual
  • Charger