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When it comes to safety, you want the best. The LAMAX C9 is the best dashcam on the market. Smart features, such as oncoming speed camera alerts, will save you money for fines. The lane departure warning system also prevents danger in a moment of distraction. Plus, if an accident occurs, you will have at your disposal a crisp and clear video with a resolution of up to 2K. You can be sure the LAMAX C9 is a real asset to your travels. Thanks to its quick installation and ease of use, handling it is a breeze.

Car camera recording up to 2K resolution, 2.7 "LCD display, 150° wide angle, multilingual menu, WDR for even better images, LDWS, GPS with speed camera detection, night vision, loop recording, file lock, G-sensor, HDMI, microSDHC up to 64GB, motion detection, rest scheduler, easy installation and controls.


The higher the resolution, the more options you have. The LAMAX C9 captures video up to 2560 × 1080 pixels. You’ll always get conclusive evidence including key objects such as car license plates or face of the culprit. The 150° wide-angle lens reliably covers your lane, the oncoming lane, pavement and the road surroundings. In winter especially, we travel under low-light conditions. That’s why we’ve equipped the LAMAX C9 with high-end optics and night mode to guarantee high-quality shots, even in the dark. Thanks to WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) recording, there’s no problem with frequent changes of light and shadow.


Speed cameras no longer take LAMAX C9 owners by surprise. The dashcam alerts you in time to approaching speed cameras, helping you to avoid unnecessary traffic violations. The speed camera database is continually updated and these updates are absolutely free. Mounting the LAMAX C9 on the windscreen in the morning rush is not a problem. Just snap it into the holder and away you go. With its sleek metal body, it’s a stylish complement to any dashboard. Operating it via the 2.7-inch TFT display is a breeze and fun. Plus, it comes with a multilingual menu.


Long, monotonous journeys on motorways can cause you to lose concentration. That's why the LAMAX C9 has built-in active and passive protection systems. The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) alerts you if you leave your lane thus helping prevent any accidents. As wells as this, you can set up a rest schedule on the camera. The device will then remind you at regular intervals to stop and refresh yourself.

Loop recording

Camera enables you to record in time loops of a set length. Once the memory card is full, the oldest recordings are overwritten with new ones.

File lock

If you want to keep and protect your recording from being overwritten whilst loop recording, use the one-button video lock function.

Motion detection

Motion detection mode can be activated for more efficient recording. In this mode, the camera can recognize movement in its field of view and begins recording.


G-sensor, or overload sensor, is one of the most crucial parts of a dashcam. Whilst driving, it tracks direction and in the event of a collision it locks the current recording.


LDWS function recognizes lane lines and alerts you when you cross them. This increases driver safety and minimizes the risk of accidents due to fatigue or inattention.


WDR ensures contrast balance of shots, improving the quality of video in places where there is high contrast between light and shade.

Easy to install

Controlling the camera is simple and convenient – simply snap it into the holder and plug in the power.

2K resolution

High resolution of up to 2K at 30 frames per second and Ambarella A7LA50 chipset deliver crisp images in the finest detail.

Speed camera detection

With a comprehensive speed camera database, including sectional and red-light speed cameras, the camera alerts you when to take your foot off the gas and be more careful.

Night vision

Camera is equipped with a night vision function. This ensures sharp, high-quality shots at night or in poor visibility.


Thanks to the special player, you can not only track the direction and route of your journey, but also the G-sensor captures your every movement. This helps identify the culprit, even in minor accidents, for example when manoeuvring in traffic plus it enables you to map out your route perfectly.

2,7 TFT display

Clear 2.7-inch LCD display and multilingual menu make it much easier to control your dashcam.

Wide 150° angle of view

Wide-angle lens lets you shoots video with an angle of up to 150 degrees. Capture each event in its entirety and in detail.

Speed indicator

If you have a GPS module attached to the camera, the camera displays speed cameras, current speed and direction.

Rest schedule

Set the length of journey after which you want to be notified. Regular breaks on long journeys are crucial. Hurry slowly.

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Although automobiles are increasingly “smarter” and safer, with accidents on the decrease, actual penalties for offences and the number of police officers are constantly growing. Total damage goes into the millions of euros annually. There is also an increasing number of incidents where the offender is unknown or the situation disputed. The LAMAX C3 camera will help resolve this. It records in high definition, with a G-sensor, parking mode and motion detection, plus a large aperture lens and LED illumination means fantastic night shots. Not only this, but the LAMAX C3 is at a great price.

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Whether you drive tens of thousands of kilometres a year or you just pop to the supermarket once a month, with the C4 dashcam you’ll be ready for anything. Today, on our roads a car crash occurs roughly every 3 minutes. No matter how safe you drive, you can’t guarantee an accident won’t happen to you. In such a situation, a car camera is extremely useful in identifying the culprits and serving as evidence for the police and the insurance company.

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Every driver wants to avoid an accident, but accidents are on the rise every year, including those with no known culprit. Do you want have proof for an insurance company that the accident wasn't your fault? The LAMAX C7 keeps these vital records for you in high definition, not to mention its high-quality night mode, time-lapse video or parking mode. Of course it is simple to operate, thanks to its practical mount and installation, G-sensor and motion detection. No longer will an accident catch you unawares.

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When using your car every day, you don’t want to waste time plugging in and switching on multiple devices, buying a splitter or accumulating suction cups on the windscreen. Dedicated devices are often not enough to meet all your requirements. Imagine navigating, viewing the camera footage or using handsfree directly on the rear-view mirror. For all this and much more, we present the multimedia LAMAX S5 Navi+ running Android.

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