Conclusive shots for safer travel day and night

When it comes to safety, you want the best. LAMAX C9 is the most advanced dashcam we have on offer. Smart features, such as speed camera alerts will save you money for fines. A moment of inattention can be rescued thanks to the lane departure warning system. In the event of an accident, you can rely on the 2K video resolution to provide clear evidence. In short, LAMAX C9 will aid you in every journey. Thanks to its quick installation and simple operation, using it is a breeze.

Morning drive to work

Even More Detail With 2k Recording

The higher the resolution, the more options you have. The LAMAX C9 can shoot video up to a resolution of 2560×1080 pixels. This means the footage will clearly show legible license plates and even the face of the culprit. On the road the camera won’t miss a moment plus, with a frame rate of 30 fps, it can even capture fast-moving objects. The 150° wide-angle lens easily covers your lane, the opposite lane, the pavement and the surrounding area.

Money For Fines Stay Firmly In Your Pocket

As a LAMAX C9 owner, segmental, fixed and red-light speed cameras won’t catch you off guard. The dashcam alerts you to the approaching danger both audibly and on the display. The smart GPS module knows exactly where you are and notifies you at the perfect moment depending on your speed. We are constantly expanding our speed camera database in more than 37 European countries. Long journeys are ideally suited for speeding alerts which give an audible and visual alert recommending you to reduce your speed when exceeding the speed limit.

Loop Recording

Camera shoots video in individual sequences and when necessary overwrites the oldest recordings. This prevents the memory from filling up.

File Protection

At the touch of a button, lock the footage that you’d like to keep. The camera won’t delete this when running low on memory.

Motion Detection

The camera starts recording as soon as it detects movement, very handy when your car is parked. This function is active only when connected to a power supply.


The sensor constantly monitors your direction of travel and detects any impact in seconds. When this happens, the footage will be locked against deletion.

Inteligent LDWS

The Lane Departure Warning System alerts you when leaving your lane to ensure you don’t drift off course. It can be set to function only at set speeds, to avoid unnecessary disturbance in the city.


Wide dynamic shooting ensures a more balanced contrast when between light and shadow. This is especially useful when entering a tunnel or when facing oncoming vehicles in the dark.

Conclusive Shots Both Day And Night

Is it getting darker in the mornings and evenings? Deteriorating lighting conditions can be a problem. The LAMAX C9 comes equipped with top-of-the-range optics and a night mode which together guarantee precise shots even in low-light or darkness. In addition, WDR is capable of capturing broad dynamic spectrum video, which addresses problems with frequent shifts between light and shadow. Traffic signs and other important objects will not only remain legible at the entrance to a tunnel, but also when passing oncoming traffic at night.

Easy Installation And Premium Processing

LAMAX C9 is ready for the road in seconds. Its practical mount completely eliminates the need to install it on the windscreen every day. The camera just snaps into the charging mount and you’re on your way. It looks great on the dashboard too - a modern design makes it an elegant accessory. The controls are convenient thanks to a 2.7" TFT display with a menu in more than 10 languages, including English.

Footage Sorted Out For You

No need to worry that your new dashcam will run out of memory on a long drive. The LAMAX C9 records and saves every moment of your journey. When the memory card fills up, the oldest footage is overwritten with the latest. Of course, any crucial video evidence will be kept. Video can be protected manually at the touch of a button. Or, the G-Sensor will take care of it for you, when it detects an impact in the event of an accident. In short, you remain protected and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Night ride in Prague

Stay Safe On Long Journeys

The LAMAX C9 comes with LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), which provides you with audible and visual alerts when moving out of your lane. This can be enabled in the settings to start functioning at set speeds - 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 km/h. With the right set-up, the function won’t bother you in the city or whilst climbing uphill, but can prevent accidents and nodding off on the motorway. Fighting with fatigue can also be relieved by scheduling in breaks, that’s why the camera also informs you at regular intervals that it is time to take a break.

Simple Installation

The LAMAX C9 almost entirely eliminates the need for assembly. Once you set up the mounting bracket, all you have to do it just snap the camera in place. Of course, you can leave it in the car without a problem.

2K Resolution

Maximum details = maximum proof when needed. A high-quality chip delivers a perfectly sharp image under all conditions.

Speed Camera Detection

Our ever-growing speed camera database alerts you to places where it's best ease off the accelerator. We know of thousands of speed cameras and red-light intersections in 37 countries around Europe.

Night Vision

The LAMAX C9 camera even protects you on the road at night. Poor conditions and darkness are not an obstacle when providing super-sharp video.


Using a special player, you can track the progress of your entire journey. In addition to speed and direction of travel, you will also see data from the G-Sensor. This helps to identify the culprit and clears the confusion during accidents - for example when driving in heavy traffic.

2.7” TFT Display

Clear legible display makes operating the dashcam a breeze. The camera menu contains more than 10 languages including English.

Wide Angle Of 150°

The wide-angle lens ensures that everything is covered - both directions of traffic and the road surroundings.


With the GPS module, you will see the current speed and direction of travel on the camera’s display.

Rest Schedule

Fatigue? The rest schedule function alerts you when it’s time for a break. This helps maintain concentration especially during long journeys.

Sunset over the Mountains

Pack Contents

  • LAMAX C9 dashcam
  • Suction cup mount with GPS module
  • Car charger
  • MicroSD-USB adapter
  • USB Data Cable
  • Manual and Safety Instructions
  • Camera travel bag
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Other printed materials (stickers, Facebook card, registration card)

Parameters of LAMAX C9

Video resolution 2560×1080 30fps, 2304×1296 30fps, 1920×1080 30fps, 1280×720 60fps, 1280×720 30fps
Angle of View 150°
Screen Size 2,7 inch, 16:9
Memory Type Micro SD Class 10, max 64 GB
Video Format MP4
Time Stamp YES
G-sensor YES
Connectivity USB
System MS Windows / MAC OS
Input Voltage 5 V
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Battery Capacity 150 mAh
Operating Humidity ≤93%RH (40°C)
Operating Temperature -5°C ~ 40°C

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Full HD resolution compact dashcam, magnetic holder with GPS for easy installation, wide angle of 140°, day and night mode, G-Sensor for impact detection, automatic and manual locking of files, loop recording, SD card up to 128GB, 1.5" display, English menu

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90 €


Every driver wants to avoid an accident, but accidents are on the rise every year, including those with no known culprit. Do you want have proof for an insurance company that the accident wasn't your fault? The LAMAX C7 keeps these vital records for you in high definition, not to mention its high-quality night mode, time-lapse video or parking mode. Of course it is simple to operate, thanks to its practical mount and installation, G-sensor and motion detection. No longer will an accident catch you unawares.

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Whether you drive tens of thousands of kilometres a year or you just pop to the supermarket once a month, with the C4 dashcam you’ll be ready for anything. Today, on our roads a car crash occurs roughly every 3 minutes. No matter how safe you drive, you can’t guarantee an accident won’t happen to you. In such a situation, a car camera is extremely useful in identifying the culprits and serving as evidence for the police and the insurance company.

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Although automobiles are increasingly “smarter” and safer, with accidents on the decrease, actual penalties for offences and the number of police officers are constantly growing. Total damage goes into the millions of euros annually. There is also an increasing number of incidents where the offender is unknown or the situation disputed. The LAMAX C3 camera will help resolve this. It records in high definition, with a G-sensor, parking mode and motion detection, plus a large aperture lens and LED illumination means fantastic night shots. Not only this, but the LAMAX C3 is at a great price.

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160 €


A dual car camera in the rearview mirror is the ideal solution for those who want to use a dashcam but don’t want to be bothered with their day-to-day operation and installation. Once the LAMAX S7 is installed, there is nothing more to worry about. Because it looks like a rearview mirror, you can leave it in your car even when you’re away, thanks to its rubber grips. This means it is not tempting for criminals. Plus, the rear camera means you can also monitor what is happening behind your car or park using the parking lines.

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LAMAX S5 Navi+

When using your car every day, you don’t want to waste time plugging in and switching on multiple devices, buying a splitter or accumulating suction cups on the windscreen. Dedicated devices are often not enough to meet all your requirements. Imagine navigating, viewing the camera footage or using handsfree directly on the rear-view mirror. For all this and much more, we present the multimedia LAMAX S5 Navi+ running Android.

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