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LAMAX N10 GPS 3in1

Three Cameras for Ultimate Protection

Navigating the daily urban jungle requires not only strong nerves but also a reliable companion by your side. With dangers lurking at every corner, from accidents to vandalism, the LAMAX N10 GPS 3in1 ensures you have the irrefutable evidence you need. This sophisticated 3-camera system simultaneously records from the front, rear, and interior of your vehicle, capturing high-resolution footage from every angle. The interior camera features infrared lighting, providing clear recordings even in low light and at night. The built-in GPS in the mount allows location data to be seamlessly embedded in your videos, while the G-sensor automatically locks the footage in case of an incident, giving you peace of mind. Plus, manually locking is also simple. Downloading footage is effortless with the app, thanks to the speedy 5GHz Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can store it on a card with up to 256 GB capacity. Night videos are exceptionally clear and of high quality. Designed to last, the LAMAX N10 uses a supercapacitor instead of a traditional battery, ensuring durability and reliability. The comprehensive kit includes a power adapter, and charging is via USB-C. This indispensable device is the ultimate driving companion you never knew you needed.

  • 3-Camera System
  • High Resolution
  • Night Mode
  • Footage Protection
  • GPS in Magnetic Mount
  • Wi-Fi


Blends into the interior

No matter whether you drive constantly or get behind the wheel just a few times a month, the dependable LAMAX N4 dashcam will ensure a trouble-free ride. With detailed Full HD video, you will avoid unnecessary disputes and have all the evidence you need from the road up front thanks to a 140° wide angle of view. Plus, as we’ve equipped the dashboard camera with a supercapacitor, you won't have to worry about battery life ever again. Compact yet packed with handy features, our dashcam won’t obstruct your view and it is simple to use.

  • Detailed Full HD
  • Supercapacitor
  • H.265 codec
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone app
  • Date and time stamp

S9 Dual

Turn your rearview mirror into a dashcam

Replace your standard rearview mirror with the smart LAMAX S9 Dual dashcam. In the event of an accident, you’ll get evidence in Full HD and a daily travel companion to make your journey easier. How? For example, it alerts you to approaching speed cameras and greatly expands your field of vision with the secondary rear camera. You’ll enjoy its large 9.66” touchscreen and fine-tuned voice controls, allowing you to control it using 12 voice commands. But because it looks just like a mirror, it will never obscure your view and no one outside will even notice it's there.

  • Mirror or 9.66” display
  • One-time installation
  • Voice control and via the app
  • Speed camera detection
  • Internal or external rear camera
  • Full HD resolution


4K protection against disputes and speed cameras

Capture every inch of your journey and without incident. Video evidence is one of the most effective weapons when proving your innocence in an accident and the LAMAX T10 will provide you with an entire arsenal of it. The camera shoots directly in 4K and will come in handy even if nothing happens on the road. The speed camera database saves you money on fines and thanks to the magnetic holder it is ready to go in seconds.

  • Detailed 4K/30 FPS
  • Extra smooth Full HD/60 FPS
  • Speed camera protection
  • 170° wide-angle shots
  • Latest H.265 codec
  • Supports up to 128GB cards


Protects beginners and experts

No matter whether you are choosing a dashcam for your first car or you have hundreds of thousands of kilometres behind you - the LAMAX T4 will give you peace of mind and security behind the wheel. Its key features are now even better. Sharp Full HD video captures license plates and other essential details day and night. Its inconspicuous design and compact form factor ensure that the camera is virtually invisible and it uses a supercapacitor which means you’ll never have to worry about battery life. Snap the camera into the magnetic holder which holds it fast even on a worn out road and hit the road in safety.

  • Supercapacitor
  • Improved magnetic holder
  • Optional GPS
  • Supports cards of up to 64GB
  • Intuitive controls over the 1.5” display
  • Adapter with extra USB port

C11 GPS 4K

Perfect protection for your trip

All drivers know just how stressful it can be on the road. That’s why you should always have someone who’s got your back. The LAMAX C11 GPS 4K dash camera is at the top of its field, capable of capturing perfect driving footage in real 4K or in extremely smooth 2.5K. In case of an impact, the G-Sensor will automatically lock the recording so that it can be used as evidence; you can also lock the recording file whenever needed using the touch screen. Footage can be downloaded at a lightning speed via the application thanks to the built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi. The memory card can hold up to 256 GB of top-resolution footage and the device uses the H.265 codec to ensure that stored files take up less space. Recording takes place in a loop with an adjustable recording duration, and the time-lapse function is especially useful when parked. The microphone automatically records sound, but you can of course turn it off if you want. The camera is controlled via a user-friendly 3-inch touch screen which also includes a speedometer, all available in English language of course. The 3M magnetic mounting of the holder with a sticker keeps the camera exactly where you need it. Are you a professional driver or do you simply want to stay safe? The camera records high-quality footage even at night, behind the car or in the interior. In addition, it has a built-in GPS and knows exactly where radars are hidden. You will also love the parking mode, which protects the car from uninvited visitors. The camera is powered by a modern USB-C connector, and the power adapter has a second port with fast-charge support for recharging a mobile phone.

  • Perfect 4K recordings
  • Touch screen
  • Supercapacitor
  • H.265 Codec
  • Parking mode
  • Wi-Fi


Conclusive shots for safer travel day and night

When it comes to safety, you want the best. LAMAX C9 is the most advanced dashcam we have on offer. Smart features, such as speed camera alerts will save you money for fines. A moment of inattention can be rescued thanks to the lane departure warning system. In the event of an accident, you can rely on the 2K video resolution to provide clear evidence. In short, LAMAX C9 will aid you in every journey. Thanks to its quick installation and simple operation, using it is a breeze.

  • Loop Recording
  • File Protection
  • Motion Detection
  • G-sensor
  • Inteligent LDWS
  • WDR